I’m a good writer, and I can self-edit

Chances are you’re a fine writer indeed. Perhaps you’re superb. But problems with content often have little to do with a writer’s ability. Things can go wrong when:

  • The writer is under intense time pressure and has no time to reread the initial draft
  • Multiple writers are working on the same project, and not everybody is communicating with one another
  • Multiple writers are working together, but not everybody is adhering to the style sheet
  • The writer(s) edit and finesse the same content repeatedly
  • Spell-checking software – ostensibly meant to help writers – has missed grammar and logic problems
  • Someone adds additional content late in the process
  • Someone decides to just ‘tweak’ everyone’s work at the end, adding new problems
  • Tracked changes are ignored, either by accident or because of someone’s hubris
  • Finally, after many rereads and reviews, writers can become TOO CLOSE to their own work to actually see what’s gone wrong. They read what they think they wrote, and that’s where the expensive mistakes occur

However they happen, errors will destroy your desired impact on readers.